Friday, October 28, 2011

Lace & Wedges

Lacey Belle Sleeve *SOLD OUT*

Lace PeterPan Top | Made of softest chiffon silk ever with patches of lace, 3/4 sleeve. | Color: Black (SOLD), Yellow (AVAILABLE), Tangerine (AVAILABLE) | Fits size UK4 - UK8 / XS - M | RM59

Palazzo Pants | Made of stretchy jersey material, length 37. Comes with a free thin belt | Color: Maroonish Red (SOLD), Mustard (AVAILABLE), Navy Blue (SOLD) | Fits size XS - M | RM70

Suede Wedges | SOLD OUT!

Pic from Nicole Warren of Garry Pepper Vintage
Vintage Pumps | Miu Miu inspired, very light-weight and comfortable (my most favorite pair of pumps!) Heel height 11cm | Size similar to Vincci size
Color: Nude Brown SOLD OUT!
Color: Black Size 36(AVAILABLE), Size 37(SOLD), Size 38(SOLD), Size 39(SOLD)
RM65 per pair!

Black Wedges | SOLD OUT
RM65 per pair

Celine Inspired Shopping Bag | SOLD OUT!

Smiley Face Messenger Bag | SOLD OUT!

Vintage Messenger Bag | Color: Brown | Has detachable long strap | RM48

3D Foliage Boston Bag | 3D floral applique see through bag with a removable insertion bag inside, very cute and large enough to hold in all your stuffs! Also comes with a long detachable strap | Color: Rose (AVAILABLE), Sunflower (SOLD), Mint Green (AVAILABLE) | RM59 each

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival

Check us out tomorrow at KL Vintage Festival!
Date: 22 October 2011, Saturday
Location: Behind Pelita Restaurant, Jalan Ampang (next to KLCC)
Time: 11:00am - 11:30pm

Bring everyone! Admission is free and it's open for public :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Arrivals Oct!


ALEXA WIDE LEG JUMPSUIT | High quality lycra | Fits XS - L, stretchable material | Color: Navy Blue(SOLD), Mustard(SOLD), Fuchia(AVAILABLE), Burnt Orange(SOLD), Black(SOLD) | RM86

RIBBON HAREM PANTS | Fits waist 26" - 30" (stretchable waist), length 35" | Color: Navy Blue(AVAILABLE), Black(SOLD OUT), Box(SOLD OUT) | RM45

RIBBON HAREM PANTS | Fits waist 26" - 30" (stretchable waist), length 35" | Color: Yellow, Green, Blue | RM45

RAINBOW TUXEDO | Fits XS - M / UK4 - UK8 | Color: Yellow(AVAILABLE), Green(AVAILABLE), Blue(SOLD OUT), Orange(AVAILABLE), Mustard(AVAILABLE) | RM50

POLKA JACKET | Fits XS - M / UK4 - UK8 | High quality polyester with lace lining | Color: Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue | RM60

LEOPARD CHIFFON JACKET | Fits XS - M / UK4 - UK8 | Color: Mustard, Cream | RM49 

ROSA FLORA TOP | Fits size XS - M / UK4 - UK8 | Color: Nude Blush, Mint, Sunshine, Black | RM65

CEKAK MUSANG CHIFFON TOP | Fits size XS - M / UK4 - UK8 | Color: Electric Blue(S, Hot Pink, Mustard, Black | RM50

TASSLEd HEART BELT | Fits waist 31" - 36" (for smaller waist, you can punch in more holes or wear it like the model) | Color: White(AVAILABLE), Blue(SOLD), Green(SOLD), Brown (AVAILABLE) | RM25

*Items might be restockable if there are high demands*

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